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What Television BFF Are You? Take This Quiz To Find Out

Television has given us a variety of friendship dynamics that viewers can relate to.  Whether you are a ride or die friend like Pam from “Martin” or the bourgeoisie one like Whitley from “A Different World”, this quiz will let you know.

  • Your friend calls to tell you they just found out their significant other is cheating. What do you say?

    • Forget them, let’s go out somewhere.
    • I’m on my way.
    • You sure? How do you know?
    • Don’t worry. I didn’t like them anyway.
  • Your work crush asks you out on a date, but you already have plans with your bestie. What do you do?

    • Call your friend and tell them you have to reschedule. They’ll understand.
    • Tell your crush you already have plans, then ask if you can hang out another time.
    • Try to find a way to do both.
    • Go on the date then tell your friend what happened afterwards.
  • Your best friend is at home sick, and they call you to tell you how lonely they are. You____

    • head to their house and make an effort to spend as much time with them as you can until they’re feeling better.
    • send them a “Get Well Soon” card with a gift card for their favorite store.
    • tell them you’re sorry to hear that, then proceed to tell them about your date last night.
    • ask them if they want you to come over to keep them company.
  • You’re hanging out at your friend’s house, and want something to eat. You___

    • head to the kitchen to fix you and your friend something to eat.
    • ask your friend to fix you something to eat.
    • tell your friend you’re going to get food, and you’ll be back later.
    • ask your friend if they want to order out.
  • You just won a trip for two to an exotic island. You___

    • call your best friend and tell them to pack their bags.
    • call your best friend and ask them who you should take.
    • text your best friend a selfie from the beach after you arrive.
    • call your best friend and tell them you’re taking your new boo.

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