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Answer These 5 Questions And We’ll Tell You Your Relationship Style

Your answer to each of these 5 questions will tell more about your relationship style than you thought!

  • Who Would Ask Who Out?

    • They’d ask me
    • Of course I’d ask them
    • I don’t care
    • It would be spontaneous
  • What Activity Makes For A Great Date?

    • Netflix & Chill
    • Dinner & a movie
    • The backseat
    • Whatever they decide
  • When Would You Like Your Date to Start?

    • Right away
    • When you have time
    • Any time
    • Maybe tomorrow
  • What Kind Of Food Whould You Like To Eat?

    • Gourmet dinner
    • Burger and fries
    • Whatever they decide
    • A slice of pizza
  • How Do You Want The Date To End?

    • A kiss & a goodnight text
    • Chucking up the deuces
    • Their place or mine
    • The backseat

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