5 American Cities Where Black People Are Thriving

These cities boast some some of the most thriving Black communities in the country…

It’s no secret that navigating the American economy has always been challenging for Black people and other people of color.  However, does economic data from these cities prove the tides are changing? While we’re not exactly at a point where ALL Black folk are winning financially, these cities provide hope.  According to Forbes, here are 5 American cities where Black people are winning!


With a median Black household income of  $47,588 and a homeownership rate among Black people at 41.4 percent, Houston is slowly becoming an epicenter of Black greatness.  Oh, it’s also the hometown of Beyonce–not sure if that has anything to do with it though.


Home of great food and enticing southern charm, Charlotte boasts a median Black household income of $42,108 and a homeownership rate of 41.6 percent.

Washington D.C.

With a variety of government jobs to choose from, Washington D.C. hits the list boasting an impressive median Black household income of $69,246 and a homeownership rate of 48.3%.


Atlanta– the city where all the Tyler Perry movies are made, single “housewives” have a hit reality show, and Wakanda came to life, , Atlanta has been holding down as a go-to spot for Black people in the country for a minute now.  With a median Black household income of $48,161 and a homeownership rate of 44.7 percent, there’s no doubt Atlanta hasn’t gotten old for Black people yet.


When most people think of Miami they think of hot beaches, a large Latin community, and fit bodies.  However, Black people are beginning to rise financially in the city as well.  With a median Black household income of  $40,329 and a homeownership rate of 45 percent, Miami is definitely a great place to build a foundation and enjoy mostly nice weather year long!

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