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Instagram Is Bringing “Squad Goals” To Wakanda This Weekend

Ain’t nothing like showing up and showing out with your squad….

Wakanda will be the most visited place this weekend and beyond, and while some of us are going dolo, many of are hitting these Wakandan streets with our squads in tow.  Check it out. 

#WakandaForever #BlackPanther

A post shared by Kevin Ntoi (@kevinntoibeauty) on

4 Tickets to Wakanda! #blackpanther #wakandaforever

A post shared by EMoses (@dcsportsceo) on

#wakandaforever ! 👑✊🏽 I cant wait to see it again ! #BlackPanther

A post shared by Kymberli 👑 (@kym.e) on

I don’t these brothers but I wish they came to watch #BlackPanther with us #Repost @chocolatecitycomics with @get_repost ・・・ Morning guys, Hope you are well, Our new hashtag #wakandadrippin we set up to celebrate the #blackpanther film release is starting to take off on social media.. Our friend Andre @drayonis he's on the left wins the internet today 😂😂😂😂😂 He has a great comic at : Post your pictures in your Wakanda swag ADD the hashtag and tag us and if we like it we will share it.. The movie is definately a game changer for POC Enjoy the vibe guys, use it to push your projects and more importantly support each other Post your pics guys and ADD the hashtag wakandadrippin #blackpanther #blackpanthermovie #chocolatecitycomics #marvelblackpanther #blackpantherbesolit #blackqueens #doramilaje #theyearofblackpanther #wakandaforever #chadwickboseman #michaelbjordan #lupitanyongo #danaigurira #african fashion #wakandan #zamunda #fromzamundatowakanda

A post shared by Puno De Llero (@brotheromi) on

#BlackPanther #WakandaForever

A post shared by joseph andrade (@cabomusic) on

The movie was awesome! #blackpanther #wakandaforever

A post shared by David Robinson (@just0cool) on

It was lit!🔥😎 #WakandaForever!🙏🏾

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