Here Are 5 Productivity Tips to Start The Month Off Right

It’s the first of the month. Here are 5 tips to help you be more productive at home and at work.

As the world become’s busier, and people begin to take on more due to increased connectivity via the internet,  learning how to balance a healthy work life and family life can be difficult.  As we begin a new month, here are 5 tips to help you meet your productivity goals, and make more time for family and/or self.

Limit your availability

In a world of social media, email, texting and instant contact–oftentimes we make ourselves too available to others.  Sometimes you have to go ghost on the internet and even your friends in order to free up your time to get important work done and limit the distractions.  While that funny video or meme your coworker or friend might tag you in may brighten up your day, what will brighten up your day, even more, is accomplishing your work goals so you’ll have more time for fun later on.

Plan ahead

Planning a week or two in advance is often easier said than done, however, there’s a reason it works for many.  Often times, planning your work ahead of time can be accomplished by something as simple as finding the right planner.  Other times, developing a morning mantra that sets the pace for a routine can be helpful.  Whatever method you decide, make sure that it motivates you and eliminates leftover time for procrastination and reduces the potential for burnout.

Turn off the world

Sometimes, in order to prepare for the day, week, or month ahead, we simply need to turn off everything, sit in silence, and meditate on our goals.  Taking 15-30 mins to clear your mind and direct your intentions can be helpful in manifesting what you want to accomplish during a certain period of time, and forces it to marinate in your subconscious, turning those thoughts into action.

Be reasonable

As a serial mompreneur, I’ve struggled with setting reasonable goals for myself, and have come close to complete burnout on several occasions. Understanding that you can achieve your goals without overdoing it is possible, and learning that slow and steady wins many races have been critical in my ability to avoid a complete breakdown, and get my goals accomplished at a timely and efficient pace. It takes times and practice, but none of us can do it all at once, and understanding that has been helpful in my growth as an entrepreneur. Basically, if I don’t get it done today–it’ll get done tomorrow.  And that’s just that.

Don’t forget to have fun

Life is not about work and no play.  Life is about experiences, and having one filled with all work related experience is no good.  Making sure you allow time for family, friends, or just personal self care is crucial in being a healthy human being.  Like–it’s mandatory.  Otherwise, you will not be on this earth very long.  Learning to take time to smell the flowers and have fun–even if you have to pencil it in will greatly improve your quality of life.

Here’s to a productive month ahead.

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