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Drake’s Style Evolution Over the Years

We already know his music is dope, but his fashion is dope too

Drake is one of those artists that can switch styles with music and fashion. Here are some pics that show how his style changed over the years.

1. When Drake first emerged on the scene, his go-to style choices were fairly simple.  Like many hip hop artists of the time, his fashion choices consisted of white tees, jeans, sweatsuits, and hoodies (oh, and don’t forget the timbs).

drake 2011 106 & Park
photo: bet

2. Around 2012 is when Drake began to dress it up a bit, implementing the silk dress shirts and dress pants, and growing his hair out a little more. Not quite a fashion icon but definitely on his grown man ish.

photo: mtv

3. In 2013 Drake seemed to start feeling himself. This is when the Champagne Papi started stunting on the red carpet, rocking designer suits, and getting his sexy on.  He definitely began to level up at this point.




4. 2014 was a little confusing, especially when Drake appeared at the ESPYS wearing this colorful get-up. We’re not sure if he was getting fashion advice from Steve Urkel himself, or if he was simply playing with color, but fortunately, this seemed to be only a brief moment for the 6 God.

photo: Drake, ESPYS

5. 2015 for Drake consisted of a lot of sweaters and “dad apparel”.  The year also produced one of his most popular songs to date, “Hotline Bling”, where we got to see a more fun side of Drake due to his unique choice of dance moves in the “Hotline Bling” video. Most importantly, 2015 is when Drake became a “bearded bae”.


Photo: Drake, Hotline Bling Video Still

6. These days, Drake is looking real grownup on these red carpets.  He’s learned what works and what doesn’t and can switch between classy to casual with ease. We can’t wait to see what’s in store from Drake in 2018–music and fashion wise.

Photo: Drake, 2017 NBA Awards

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