9 Sexy Dances To Try In The Club If You Can’t Twerk

Can’t twerk? No problem. Try these dances instead.

Having trouble learning how to twerk?  No worries.  These 9 dances work just as well.

1. If you can move your hips slowly, you can slow whine

2. This rodeo/ hip roll thing Rihanna is doing

3. Can’t twerk?  Just drop it down, shake it, then bring it back up.
4. We don’t know what this one’s called, but Beyonce’s doing it so…
5. If you can isolate your hips, you may be able to do this one
6. This one is basically a hip roll taken to the next level

7. Basically, anything involving moving your hips is sexy– take it from J-Lo

8. If you really want to show off, try this one

9. Finally, if you have long hair, this may be one to try if you’re not worried about whiplash

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