7 Dope Ways To Rock a Ponytail

There’s nothing basic about any of these ponytail styles

The ponytail is one of the oldest “goto” hairstyles for a woman on the move.  In fact, most women can put their hair in a ponytail in less than 5 minutes. However, these ponytail looks we found on Pinterest will definitely help you change it up a bit!

1. Adding a side- part to a low ponytail will definitely make you stand out.  We see this style a lot on Cardi-B.

Pinterest: KraXeni

2. The cornrows definitely make this ponytail pop

Pinterest: blackhairinformation

3. This one is definitely giving us throwback Ashanti vibes


4.From the color to the center braid, this high ponytail is everything!

5. Bangs always add a little something extra to a high ponytail

Pinterest: Lori



















6. This loose, low ponytail with bangs doesn’t take much time, but it still pops

Pinterest: Lori

7. This is actually a half ponytail with the rest out in the back. This is cute with or without the braids (but we like it with the braids).

Pinterest: cocoblackhair

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