17 Memes You Should Send To Your Boss Right Now

No feeling your boss? Already have a new job? Well, here you go…

Rochelle from “Everybody Hates Chris” was notorious for giving her employers a piece of her mind.  Here are a few memes to send to your boss when they’re acting up (after you’ve secured a new job of course).

You know when your boss gets mad at you, because their boss is mad at them for not doing something they were supposed to do that they somehow thought you would do without them telling you do it, so now,  they’re forced to actually do their job?  Yeah, this is the meme for that exact situation.

This is the perfect response to that creepy supervisor who likes to flirt and help you “relax” with a massage every now and then. Send them this–because fraternization + sexual harassment are not a good look.

Send this to your incompetent boss after they email you a task they’re supposed to do, and tell them it’s an “inspirational haiku”.

Send this when your boss returns from an extended sick leave.

Hey, at least you’re being honest.


Send this when your boss sends out an email bragging about their latest accomplishment after you did all the work.

When your boss emails you from their vacation home complaining about work that hasn’t been done yet.

Send this one–just because.

Send this when you’re sick and your boss still expects you to come in.  If you die en route, they can’t say they didn’t know.

Send this from your new job, to your old boss, who has no clue you quit.

Don’t forget to follow up with, “I mean, Boss”.

If you get to this point, you probably don’t care about your job anyway.

Send this in response to the company-wide memo that suggests no one is doing their part.

Send this, then follow up with, “Sorry, wrong person.”

For that boss who thinks you earned your degree just for participating.

Send this and don’t give any other explanation

Final note: Innclusive is not responsible for the actions of anyone who takes any of this seriously.

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