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10 Classic Foods All Black Kids Had At Least Once Growing Up

These foods were eaten at least once in most Black households

1. Fried Baloney Sandwiches

Once that bubble started forming in the middle, you knew it was about to be lit!

2. “Roman” Noodles

Everybody knows at least one person who refers to this meal as “Roman” noodles, as opposed to its real name which is “Ramen” as seen on the package.

3. Government Cheese

Pronounced “guh-ment” cheese. If your family was poor, you definitely got some of this each month.

4. Pork n Beans

Pork n beans require an acquired taste. By the way, the pork comes from the cut up hot dogs added to the beans–for those that don’t know.

5. Corn Beef Hash

To be honest, this is pretty much a “grown-up” meal, however, every Black child has eaten it at least once.

6. Neckbones & Rice

This is something everyone’s grandma would make. Throw some cornbread on the side and you’re in business.


7. Spam

Nah, not the stuff in your inbox.  We’re talking about the OG processed “meat” product that was served when everyone was tired of baloney sandwiches.  Spam was eaten for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. 

8. Kool-Aid

The only flavor we acknowledge is “Red”.

9. Storebrand Cereal

This is the kind of cereal that comes in a bag.

10. Quarter Waters

We still don’t know why they called it quarter “water”. There’s definitely more syrup than water in this drink lol.

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