Dubai, Spain, Haiti, Paris, and Italy…Why I love Innclusive with Stephanie

by Innclusive - Aug 26, 2016

Dubai, Spain, Haiti, Paris, and Italy…Why I love Innclusive with Stephanie

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Hi guys, my name is Stephanie, and I’m the Property Management Director here at Innclusive.

I took my first flight when I was seven and I haven’t stopped since. I grew up with a mother who took her passport to the gas station, corner store, and everywhere else she went. Not because of some profound love of what we call wanderlust but because our country was in turmoil and it was imperative to get out at a moments notice. Always on edge and always needing to be prepared, passport ready and passport heavy was ingrained.


My life is a little different now. With few exceptions, my safety needs have been satisfied (Maslow would be proud). However, due to my experiences, I understand that many people travel seeking this very basic need in unknown worlds. I’m lucky enough to say, I now travel for love, pleasure, and knowledge.


I’ve had the pleasure of knowing and being with a wonderful, kind, and intelligent human being for almost 7 years now. How do we keep it spicy, filled with laughter, joy, understanding, and love? We go away together or we go away from each other. This allows us to accumulate a range of experiences, interests, and hobbies that makes us whole and healthy partners. This translate to more and vast conversations (there’s never a shortage of things to talk about and we learn something from each other on a daily basis). Simple recipe. We have more to share with each other and more to experience together so our love continue to grow, oh, and distance does make the heart grow fonder so the homecomings are epic #relationshipgoals.


Laying on Crane Beach sipping on rum punch? Pure bliss! Picnic at night at the Coliseum? Perfection! Skydiving in Dubai? Thrilling! Diving into Bassin Bleu? Exciting! Of course travel is full of pleasure #teamworkhardtravelwell. Nothing brings me as much pleasure as stepping out of the airplane in a new country far far away. The pleasures of exploring something new, the adventure, the mystery. The food, the drinks, the garments, the off the beaten paths, the beaches, the people…simple pleasures of life.

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Speaking of meeting new people, eating new foods, exploring new areas, cultures, ideas. One cannot downplay the knowledge gain from traveling and how important it is to our world. Learning from each other gives us the opportunity to understand one another; to listen and be more empathetic. To love, to share, to teach. You realize how little you actually know about the world and the people you share it with but also how similar our wants and needs are. You’ll realize how little you really need to survive, your privileges, and how helpful people can be. Travel is the gateway knowledge.


We all travel for different reasons and want to do this in the safest and most accepting way possible. Innclusive understands that and has built a platform to ensure those needs are met. Come as you are, be who you are, be represented, be love, and be accepted.

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I love Innclusive because it allows me to see the world and keeps my priorities at the forefront, and it allows me to to do those things in a safe and accepting way. The Innclusive team is composed of a group of people who love life, love people, appreciate differences, and want to leave a positive mark in this world. We built this platform because in a digital age, we cannot overlook the basic physiological and psychological needs of people.

We cannot overlook the importance of human connection. Join us on this journey; you are welcome, you are needed, and you are accepted!