Vieques Puerto Rico with Gena

by Innclusive - Aug 26, 2016

Vieques Puerto Rico with Gena

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One of the things that is a must when we travel is a shopping day and Old San Juan did not disappoint.  We found this shop and I absolutely fell in love with this jumper and handmade beaded necklace made by a local Artist.  I bought it all!


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There’s nothing like super fresh coconut water from the locals to beat the caribbean heat.  You just don’t get any fresher than this.  $3 is a small price to pay for the nectar of the caribbean gods.


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Is there any wonder why Vieques boast some of the world’s best beaches?  Crystal clear blue waters full of starfish and the finest sand.  It makes for a great place to soak up the beautiful rays of the caribbean sun.


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Was there ever any doubt that horses run free?   They even cause traffic jams.  Here’s a little history –  These beautiful horses are descendents of the horses the invading conquistadors rode in the first decades of the 16th century.  How’s that for a little trivia?


Photo Apr 16, 11 48 15 AM

We loved waking up to this view every morning and enjoying a delicious breakfast.  The green veggie smoothie was my favorite.  It was just what the doctor ordered after a long night of Caribbean libations.



After a day of island exploration, this was the perfect place for us besties to relax and enjoy a nightcap after a nice dinner.   Just the two of us wondering where the night was going to end.  I could tell you, but then I’d have to kill you.


Photo Apr 17, 7 50 49 PM

Vieques has a lot of fantastic nightlife.  They definitely don’t skimp on the entertainment.  We found this chair and a swanky rooftop bar and fell in love with it’s message.  I tried to take it home but they kept saying something about it not fitting on the plane.