Nice is Nice with Gena

by Innclusive - Aug 28, 2016

Nice is Nice with Gena

Photo Jul 23, 10 01 18 PM

Comment Ca va? Hi, I’m Gena. I’m a member of the Customer Happiness Team here at Innclusive.  Nice to meet you!  So, this is a short story of my recent trip to Nice France.  I’ve always dreamed of taking a trip to Nice and thought this would be a perfect adventure for me and Hubby! Here’s me on my first night there.  My husband and I found a fabulous local restaurant to partake of local and fresh mediterranean fare.


Photo Jul 21, 6 36 41 PM

We spent the day floating in the crystal blue waters of the mediterranean.  I’m convinced that these waters have healing powers.


Photo Jul 21, 6 37 29 PM

The beaches there are a bit crowded but nothing beat lounging with great drinks and food.   Perfect place to people watch and soak in a bit of the sun.


Photo Jul 23, 11 03 09 PM

City lights come alive at night in Nice.  The statues atop the city posts line this main drag up into the mountains.  Great idea in case you get lost and can’t find your way back to your Innclusive home.


Photo Jul 23, 11 07 49 PM

Street performers are everywhere in Nice.  Here’s a high school group up from Spain performing some of their highlights.  This town square in the city center is the perfect place see local performers.  Super quick adventure I know but we’ll be back with a more detailed post on Nice very soon.

Just wanted to take some time to introduce myself to you, and to welcome you to the Innclusive family.  I’ll be here to help on any of your future trips to France.  🙂

Gena!!! <3