Your safety is our priority-A message from Jake in T&S

by Innclusive - Aug 26, 2016

Your safety is our priority-A message from Jake in T&S

My name is Jacob Whittaker, and I am proud to say that I am the Director of Trust and Safety for Innclusive.


I come from a security rather than a travel or tech background. I have worked as an intelligence professional both within the U.S. and in numerous places overseas. I have spent years supervising security operations and procedures as both a member of the military and a civilian.

Your safety is my number one, and honestly my only, priority.

I flew into Orlando this week to meet the rest of the team and participate in the pre-launch operations. On my first day here, before I needed to finally meet my bosses, I had some time, a few hours. Enough to go visit an American hero.

Specialist Brittany Gordon of the U.S. Army was my boss in Afghanistan. She was going to be my boss for numerous months.

I didn’t know her well. We were still figuring each other out, still in the honeymoon phase of working relationships. But I can say this: She had a bright smile, an honest laugh and a sharp mind. The sky was the limit for her in her chosen field. She was only an E-4, but had been given and was handling very well the responsibility of an entire intelligence team. She had the spark, the indefinable thing that makes an intelligence professional great instead of just good. She was the glue that held the unit I was working for together.

Brittany was only my boss for four days.

I said goodbye and wished her luck before she left that morning. We never got another chance to say anything else.

I was able to visit central Florida a year after Brittany’s death, but I failed to get out to her grave. I tried everything in my power to go see her, but with family and plans and life, it just didn’t happen. I was so close but I didn’t get a chance to say hello. Or goodbye.


I fixed that the first day here on this trip. I got to go see Brittany one more time. I got to say goodbye. I left her some flowers, wondered what if anything was worth losing people like Brittany for, and painfully remembered all over again that the right things are always worth working hard for.

Your safety is my number one, and honestly my only, priority.

The team here is amazing, and I am in awe of the people I have met. My priority is our priority, and we are truly excited to show you just how awesome travel experiences can be. Trust comes from earned feelings of safety and security. We will earn your trust.

Rest in Peace, SPC Brittany “KBD” Gordon. See you on my next visit, too.