Dubai Dreaming with Stephanie

by Innclusive - Aug 26, 2016

Dubai Dreaming with Stephanie

Hi guys, Stephanie again, Property Management Director of Innclusive.  I want to take you guys on a quick photo-journey of my last trip to Dubai!

I do mean quick…I plan to come back to this blog and add more photos and videos and more background detail, but for now, let’s slide through these photos : -)



So that’s me on my first camel ride.  It was remarkably comfortable and the camels were actually friendly and chill.  Didn’t expect that. Loved it!  Oh and one word…HOT!!!!




We came out to the desert to take some photos with the girls.  Light flowing garments help with the heat plus they make for some great photos.




Do be wary of customs and what things are acceptable and not acceptable.  At a minimum I try to dress modestly in places of worship or other locations where modesty is expected.




The architecture here is absolutely amazing!


FullSizeRender (4)


This is my favorite photo of the trip, but it honestly does not do it justice. You would have to be there!





Hanging with the camels one last time.  I had an amazing time in Dubai and can’t wait to be back.  Here at Innclusive we’ll be happy to help you plan your Dubai trip.

I’ll give you the low down! 🙂