CEO Statement on the Immigration Ban

by Innclusive - Jan 29, 2017

CEO Statement on the Immigration Ban

Hi, I’m Rohan.

I’m the Co-Founder/CEO of Innclusive.

As an immigrant and one of the leaders of this company, I deeply understand how policies like the current immigration ban can impact the pscyhe and livelihoods of the thousands of doctors, lawyers, teachers, surgeons, entrepreneurs, and people from all walks of life, that have suddenly disappeared overnight.

Innclusive is a company made up of folks from all of the world, from countries like Barbados, Nigeria, Ghana, Portugal, Haiti, Poland, Serbia, and others.  The current anti-immigration climate not only affects our people, but those policies are antithetical to everything we stand for as a company.

We would not exist without immigration, this is clear.  But more importantly, we would rather not live in a world where people are mistreated based on their religion, national origin, gender, sexual identity or orientation, or anything else that has no bearing on a person’s humanity.

This isn’t just an academic situation for us.  It affects us at our core.

We are compiling resources and legal assistance and making it available for folks that are currently affected. We have donated  to the ACLU for their ongoing efforts in fighting for refugees, permanent residents, and visa holders, and will continue to do so over the weeks and months to come and offer any other support we can.

The immigration ban is not a policy we support and we will do all we can to fight it and to offer assistance to those that are resisting.

Innclusive is diverse.  Our mission at its core is to increase access. For people to travel and explore and to be able to do so without the weight and uncertainty of discrimination and bias.

This policy has to be resisted.  And we will stand with you in doing so.

As supported by the entire Innclusive Team!