Behind the scenes of the Innclusive Product Launch with Rohan

by Innclusive - Aug 26, 2016

Behind the scenes of the Innclusive Product Launch with Rohan


Hi guys, Rohan here, Founder/CEO of Innclusive.  I wanted to take a quick second to update you on our progress and where we are for our launch efforts.

Before I get started, meet our youngest team member, Ollie!  This little guy keeps us centered and focused on building a solid product that could advance the human condition and help create a world where Ollie can grow up and have this smile welcomed wherever he goes.



This week, the entire Innclusive team moved in together in Tampa Florida to work on the product, test tech, and plan out our operational requirements.  We are ramping up for an October launch and thought it would be best to live and work together to make this happen!



From Left to right below, meet Kevin, Zakiyyah, Jake, and Jess (Customer acquisition, Co-founder & Strategy, Trust & Safety, and Customer Happiness respectively).  These first hires are incredibly important for building a strong startup and we think we have a solid team in place!


2016-08-24 12.18.05

We have come a long way in 4 short months since we announced this project.  Here’s a quick reminder..our first pre-launch video:

So onwards folks, wish you guys could have been here to feel the energy, and love, and see the focus and dedication of the entire team. 12 hour days, working until 2am, supporting each other…these are the things that will help us create a solid product!


On our last day of our sprint, News Channel 8 popped by and did a interview of us.


Screenshot 2016-08-26 14.04.45


Take a second to meet the entire team again. We’re focused on creating amazing experiences for you…thanks so much for your patience and love and support on this journey!!!

Screenshot 2016-08-26 16.50.39


Love and respect always!