6 Lifehacks That Make Life So Much Easier

Everyone loves a good life hack….

Ice Cubes That Fit Into A Bottle

photo: Lifehack

Have you ever wished you had a way to keep your bottled drink cold? Bottle ice cube trays are designed to make ice cubes that fit easily into a bottle. This is especially helpful if you’re out on a hot day and don’t have your handy-dandy thermos.  Seems simple but can definitely make things easier.

Compartmentalized Cooking Pan

photo: Lifehack

This is one of those genius inventions that make you say, “Why didn’t I think of that?”.  Need to cook multiple items at once but don’t want to dirty up a bunch of dishes. Well, this gadget should definitely do the trick.

Remote Control Mop

photo: Lifehack

This is not a drill!  It’s also not the Jetsons, but it’s pretty darn close.  Without further ado, we present to you The Remote Control Mop. Yes, someone somewhere had enough of walking back and forth dragging a wet piece a fabric on a stick across the floor and decided to create one that would do it by itself. So go ahead, Google it for yourself.

The Broom Groomer

photo: Lifehack

Speaking of house cleaning, it gets better.  You know how you’re sweeping and a bunch of junk gets stuck in the bristles?  Well, someone created a solution.  Introducing the Broom Groomer, a special dustpan fitted with rubber bristles that will effectively get rid of the junk on your brush.  Genius right?

Pizza Scissors

photo: Lifehack

Pizza lovers rejoice! Now you can use this cool gadget to cut yourself the perfect slice.  Simple but effective!

Waterproof Notepad

photo: Lifehack

So, there’s this cool product out there called Aqua Notes that will allow you to jot down your brilliant ideas in the shower.  I wonder if the person who created this gadget thought it up in the shower?



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