9 Internet Comedians Who Are Funny AF

Have you been exposed to the world of internet comedy yet? It’s lit..

group of african american college students using laptop in lecture room

These comedians started their careers on the internet and from their skits to jokes and shade, these comedians are sure to have you LYAO! *Warning: Don’t watch these at work.  You will probably laugh…LOUD.


The one with the stinch….. #ejspeaks #WhatsThatSmell Hair: @sheenashairemporium

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Written by Tiara Janté

Tiara Janté -aka- The Momprenoire is a writer, publicist and content creator from Northeast, Pennsylvania. When she's not creating or surfing the web, she's probably watching a Harry Potter marathon or spending time with her family. Catch up with her on social media.

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