5 Reasons Xennials Are Dope

Xennials are out here making money moves

Let’s face it, many older “so-called” millennials can’t always relate to some of the younger millennials of the world. Fortunately, some random genius somewhere coined the amazing term “Xennial” to describe the micro-generation of people born between 1977 and 1985. In a world where millennials are often the center of attention, Xennials are quickly establishing themselves as a distinct group to be reckoned with. Here are 5 reasons why Xennials are so dope.

1.Their Versatility Shines

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What other group can claim the ability to seamlessly maneuver from an analog world to one that is 100% digital?  The cool thing about Xennials is that they have the unique experience of being able to relate to life with and without the internet.  Like Generation X’ers they remember a time when kids played outside instead of glued to a mobile device. They can clearly recall a life of dial-up internet and AOL, giving them an extra appreciation for hi-speed internet and wi-fi. But, after the false alarm known as Y2K, they were able to jump head first into the digital revolution.  Though they can appreciate many aspects of their much simpler analog childhood, they bask in the glory of a digital adulthood, unapologetically.

2. They Bring Balance to the World


While they’re often progressive like their younger millennial cohorts, they can still relate to many of the traditional values held by generation Xers. They are the epitome of social balance–preferring to incorporate the best of both worlds as opposed to choosing one side’s ideals over the other’s.  They are true innovators, creatives, and revolutionaries. Essentially, they are setting the foundation for positive change to be built upon.

3. They Lived During the Golden Age of Hip Hop

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Hip Hop ruled the 90s through the early 2000s, and no other group can lay claims to hip hop’s golden age of fandom more so than Xennials. From the gritty, New York street sounds of artists like Biggie, Nas, and Jay-Z, to the infamous east coast vs west coast beef, to the Bad Boy era, to artists like Missy Elliot, who ushered in the digital age with her futuristic space-age videos, this was a time when hip hop flourished. Simply put, without the artists from the hip-hop era of the 90s and 2000s, the hip hop culture wouldn’t have the major global impact it has today.

4. They Are Trendsetters

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Some of the flyest fashion trends emerged during the 90s and early 2000s– a time when Xennials reigned supreme. Xennials are trendsetters in virtually every realm of pop culture and have made lasting impressions that continue to inspire younger generations today

5. The World Needs Them

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From the many politicians, entertainers, artists, business professionals, innovators, inventors,  and all around extraordinary people, Xennials shine in every area imaginable, leaving lasting impressions everywhere they go.
















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