12 90s R&B Songs Radio Stations Played Non-stop

These 90s R&B hits were on every radio stations playlist

The 90s produced some of the best R&B music ever.  To this day, R&B singers try to recreate that 90s R&B sound.  Here are 12 90s R&B songs that played on every urban radio station in America.

1. SWV- “Weak”

12 90s R&B songs from the 90's radios kept on repeat

Let’s keep it real.  Everyone knows a Black girl who sang the hell out of this song every time it came on.

2. TLC- “Baby, Baby, Baby”

Every girl crew in the 90s had a crazy, sexy, and cool chick in the mix, and TLC had one of each. They were also one of the first music groups to emphasize safe sex.

3. Ginuwine- “Pony”

Let’s just say Ginuwine became every girl’s “bae” after this song came out.

4. Jodeci- “Come and Talk To Me”

We’re 99% sure K-Ci from Jodeci invented the infamous “Oooh yeah” many male R&B singers do today.

5. Mary J. Blige- “Real Love”

No 90s R&B mix would be complete without the Queen of Hip Hop & R&B herself

6. En Vogue- “Free Your Mind”

EnVogue slayed vocally and fashion wise all through the 90s with their sultry vocals and “rock” edge

7. Xscape- “Who Can I Run To”

You couldn’t turn on the radio without hearing this song play at least 25 times in a day.  It’s good to see the group has made their return to music.

8. 112- “Peaches n Cream”

The Bad Boy Era was huge, and 112 definitely made their mark in R&B during that time as one of the flyest groups in the 90s.

9. Brandy & Monica- “The Boy Is Mine”

No doubt these divas remain two of the greatest R&B singers of all time.  Now, if only they could get along…

10. Janet Jackson- “I Get So Lonely”

This song was a constant on any radio station’s top 10 list. Both the song and video was dope!

11. Aaliyah- “Are You That Somebody”

Aaliyah is probably one of the most beloved R&B singers in recent history. With one of the most iconic beats that every high school kid tried to replicate on the lunch table, this is a song that still gets radio play today.

12. Usher- “You Make Me Wanna”

Usher is one of the most dynamic male R&B singers of the 90s. In fact, he is still very much relevant today.

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