15 Black Cosplayers On IG You Should Follow

Because Black folk Cosplay too.

At one point it was hard to find Black cosplayers, however, slowly but surely, they are rising to the mainstream and getting the notoriety they deserve. Here are 15 dope Black cosplayers on IG we thought you might want to follow.

1. @zerosuitsami

2. @jasminegg_cosplay

3. @kia_vanessa

4. @josephineoceane

Smiley spiderbabe ??

A post shared by Josephine (@josephineoceane) on

5. @phalafelcosplays

6. @static_jones_cosplay

7. @brooklyn_rasta

8. @tiaslayy


10. @floralyzz

11. @whodigiya

12. @jay.bae.cosplay

13. @tiffiestarchild


15. @omegazeero

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